Monday, September 12, 2005

The Beauty of IT

Perhaps the most difficult part of the Information Technology field, and quite possibly the reason why I have such a hard time, is that there are so many negatives to the job. For the most part, it's a thankless profession. A 8 am - 4 am day, spent recovering a failed email server, is expected and seemingly unnapreciated. Whenever anything goes wrong it is the fault of the tech team. This particular attitude is widespread; it is the same thing as going to the mechanic and yelling at him/her because your car broke (and often times, neglect to tell him that you have been jumping over small houses with it). As an industry in general, IT is looked upon by businesses in a negative light. To be honest, I can understand why people think this way; I mean so much of technology is just a money sink: server upgrades, maintenance, new software every year, licensing issues, etc. The returns are usually intangible, or at least they are in the eyes of most people, so again I state I can see why people think this way; but that doesn't make it right. I believe the most difficult part of IT, though, is the fact that it is so ungratifying. I attain no personal sense of achievement knowing that I did a damn fine job programming Company XY's web application. They don't care either, they had to pay a lot of money, and it better work.

This is perhaps, why a slow Sunday of braising short ribs and making soup, in combination with watching football and the US Open (I really wanted Aggasi to win) is the best cure for an upcoming Monday. Everything worked out pretty well. The meat was a little fatty, and I love fatty beef so if you hear it coming from me had to be pretty far from lean. It was also the first time I have attempted to make French Onion Soup the right way. The first batch I grated the cheese, and didn't fill the bowls I didn't achieve that most excellent topping of melted overflowing molten goodness. Lucky for me, I have some leftovers with which I will attempt to perfect my good intentions.

I really try to work professionally, even in my own kitchen, which means that you work clean and organized. Sometimes, I think it gets away from me a little bit. Here is a shot of my little workspace in my apartment, as I wait for some potatoes to start boiling.

I put in an RSVP for an upcoming even for a Montana Chef's Association event. It turns out that the deadline was Friday, and I neglected to RSVP until Sunday, so hopefully I'm not to late.


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At 8:23 PM, Blogger Johnny_One_Five said...

You made me smile when I saw the picture and there was the wine holder from Pregresso Mexico.


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