Monday, March 06, 2006

Of all the places...

It was a full weekend. Friday night I cooked. One of my tasks at work was to make the house fettucini for the evening. So, I got to use (for the first time mind you) a pasta machine. For those of you who perhaps have not made fresh pasta, it involves rolling out a line of dough thinner and thinner until, after 6 pressings or so, it is thin enough to cut into whatever shape you want. In my case fettucini. Since the pasta portions are 3.5 ounces, the two ounces left over ended up in my belly with a little browned butter and asiago cheese. I decided making pasta was a fun and worthwhile task, so the next day I purchased my own pasta machine and put it to work.

(Insert cheesy *ack pun intended* picture that I don't have right here)

I spent Sunday watching the state swim meet. I really, really dislike swim meets, but when your little brother-in-law makes state and the event is in your town, you have to go. Normally, this would have been a somewhat painful endeavor, but in this case, I managed to meet someone that made it much more worth my while. Of all the places to meet a person who has traveled the country as a chef, and now resides in little Montana... Johnnon her name was, and a resume she did have. She graduated from the CIA, worked in the industry for a couple years, and then moved on to take the two year pastry course through Johnson and Wales in Providence. Those two schools are (arguably) the most famous culinary and pastry arts schools in the country. Wow.

The conversations which ensued were very intriguing to me and hardly seemed a work of chance. I prefer to think fate played a role. Johnnon played the common 4-6 months at varying restaurants game. It's the kind lots of folks read about in books, the free spirit. Pick a spot on the map, and go to it. Cook for six months, get tired of it, move on to your next spot. She actually graduated with Bobby Flay, and happens to be in the same year book. She has worked for Emeril and Wolfgang, and attended Johnson and Wales under when it was freshly under the direction of Peter Rinehart. It was quite a conversation...which I would love to write out...but it would be much too long so instead, I will use bits and pieces in the months to come.


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