Thursday, April 27, 2006

A break in the action

Well, I had my birthday on Tuesday. Tuesdays are a full day for me as I spend the moring doing the 'tech thing' and the evening doing the 'cooking thing'. I got a lot of thank you's for working on my birthday but I really didn't mind. I was doing something I enjoy - and that's what a birthday is all about! A., the head chef at the time, offered to make me something off the menu for dinner. I was having a difficult time deciding, so I opted for the brined pork loin with mango chutney.

This is the first Thursday I get off in three weeks so I am going to spend the evening doing a whole bunch of not too much. Not too much excitement going on. I'm trying to force myself through a second reading of 1984 before moving on to something less depressing.


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