Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A lot on my plate

So I have been dealing with a few things lately. The most pressing being a friend of mine had a relapse in Leukemia. Last Friday. The poor guy is thirty years old, and been through it once. He just got off of maintenance a few months ago. It really doesn't seem fair to me, the way this works, the guy got through it once and now he's faced with it again. I would post more on the subject but considering the topic of it all, I'll just leave it at that.

Cooking has been awesome. In fact, I have been using it to get away from things for a while. The nights just fly by. I have been working a lot of saute in the evenings. That has been a lot of fun, although the more complicated items on the menu I'm still learning. I have been struggling with the Cioppino, a fish-based stew which (I believe) came out of the bay area. In the midst of trying to learn the menu, the "chipper" as we call it is giving me the most trouble. The thing has about 18 ingredients. The varieties of seafood mean they need to be added at different times, the sauce has to be warm on the palette (but not too spicy), there are four liquid elements to the dish, can't burn the clams, etc etc etc. There is also a strong similarity between a cioppino and a steamer bowl...but that's a different story all together.

On touch with my post on halibut...last Friday I was responsible for filleting the steel head trout. These are very large freshwater fish (you can the pictures of folks holding them), and the flesh is actually very similar to the color of salmon. My first fillet attempts were...okay. I had a lot of trouble separating the ribs from the backbone...even with my super nice knife. Once I got it separated, the filet part was easy.

I don't have the time to proof this or clean it up, I have to go deal with 'some stuff'. So if it seems rambling...well...it's a blog!


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