Monday, April 17, 2006

Where to start.


1) To keep this all relevant.

2) To not write a book.

First, the restaurant biz. Things have been going very well for me. I picked up yet another night there (I'm up to three now), and things are going well. I have moved up to the point where I can now be 'second guy' instead of 'third guy'. This means that they don't have to keep an extra guy around of the shit gets too deep, which makes me more valuable because the restaurant can spend less money to supervise. I love running saute, it's so fast paced, the fires are burning, pans are so hot you need a towel to flip them, I get to plate food, clean up presentation, set it in the window...great times. Right now, my biggest flaws include (don't tell anyone or I'll have to hunt you down) forgetting the lemon juice at the end of steamer bowl, and leaving the tarragon out of the tarragon chicken. A pretty ugly forgetting, I know. I guess that just makes it...well chicken.

They actually brought in another guy, so I am no longer the newest. It's kind of funny, as he has an education from a school in Portland, yet he is still working for free just like I did.

Recent endeavors:

Well as I mentioned my buddy took off to the Mayo clinic. The last two weeks have left me kind of winded, but this weekend being easter I did manage a bit of cooking. Saturday night I had some friends over for cuban style pork sandwhiches. Sunday I decided to use a huckleberry molasses glaze for a ham I picked up from my favorite butcher, along with asiago mashed potatoes, green beens with blood orange vinigarette, and a special holiday loaf of bread I picked up (for 11 dollars...). The ham was excellent, and a lesson was learned. Find the price tag...


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