Sunday, June 04, 2006

Farmers Market

The farmers market here is like having sex in public. All I want is a little bit of space and time to savor the flavors of the moment, perhaps quietly browse in my own little world, but I can't fucking concentrate on anything for more than five seconds without someone prodding or staring or selling. It's a madhouse here, and for some reason the powers that be decided that for the four months out of the year that the farmers market is available, we can only have it one day a week. So on top of the absolute elbow to elbow food-conscious shoppers, there is some bible thumper, pro-life, pro-choice, political agenda peddler on every corner further polluting this endeavor. All I wanted was some more beets.

Instead I came home with some butter and cheese. I wonder if places like San Francisco have the same problem. I have been to Pike's Place in Seattle multiple times, and I don't remember any events so distasteful - even though it is twenty five times the size of my current residence. If for some reason I can't make it to the market at eight in the morning (before the pandemonium starts), I'm not going anymore.

On top of that I have been pretty sick for a few days now. On one hand it's nice because I actually got a couple days off. The catch 22 of course being that I feel to crappy to actually do anything productive.


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Tea said...

Is the farmers' market in San Francisco a madhouse? In a word: YES! It's sheer insanity, from the competitive, eager-beaver types that show up at 8 (7:30, actually, though the market doesn't open until 8), to the gawkers and tourists that crowd the aisles by 10, to the hungover hipsters that show up at noon for breakfast (or to hang out at the wine bar). It's madness, especially in the summer. I relish the rainy winter days, but even those are pretty crowded now that the market is on tha map, so to speak. I liked it better in the early days, when it was still funky and mellow (sigh).

But I will admit, they've got friggin awesome beets, seven different varieties (for about $2 a bunch).


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