Friday, June 02, 2006

Goodbye to Winter (Finally)

Well this year it only took until June for what I can only hope is the end of winter. Around the 12th of May I remember thinking the same thoughts, but my thoughts were proven false as the two consecutive weekends were in the low forties with a cold rain drizzling on the valley. But today, today is glorious and the weather shows no sign of letting up.

I have been weighed down with some sort of bronchial/throat/fever cold thing. Gratefully I got last night off, a present I was able to take full advantage of with seventeen hours of sleep. I awoke this morning a little groggy but the fever was gone as was most of the sore throat. For now we will assume it was a disease of the twenty-four hour variety.

Tonight I will be filling in at the Bistro. The pizzeria gave me the night off again, but the other place needs a hand so I will step in and help out. I keep hoping for a menu change soon. The sunshine is no place for braised swiss chard. But, alas, it is not my restaurant.

Speaking of wintery food, last weekend was my final goodbye to the season. I put together a roasted root vegetable soup - my favorite part being the slow roasted Vidalia onions. Can you go
wrong with these?

Accompanying this soup was a nice little pasta I whipped up. Pasta really is the perfect dinner party food. As long as you use half a brain when working with the ingredients it is really difficult to screw it up. Even with the wrong ingredients really...I am fairly certain one could incorporate pasta, strawberry ice cream, and capers and the result would be edible. Dare I say the result would be good. But perhaps that is too far.


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