Friday, June 09, 2006

Two days later

Well I've been trying to update here for a couple days but the damn thing has been down each time I try. Not like I mind a's a free service that takes quite a bit of infrastructure I'm sure. But I do mind a little...a good friend and I have something in the works. Hopefully soon we can make it flourish. And then you will see me move to a new home, a better home (I hope). A home that costs a little money so if something breaks I will have reason to bitch about it.

Last night I had to confess to the owner of the pizzeria that I could no longer handle it all. Five doubles a week, the days that aren't doubles are night shifts leaving me with an occasional Monday evening off and a few hours Saturday and Sunday morning. That gives me about enough time to go the farmers market and then let everything fade to supermarket quality as it sits on my shelf and grows soft/hard/stale/fur.

So hopefully soon, I will be able to fade away from a third job and recover a little social life. And (more importantly) stay married. Included in my lofty goals: maintain relationships over culinary endeavors. If one statistic gnaws at the heels of chefs more than alcoholism it would be divorce/breakups/what have you. Without people in your life, well, then you're just living for yourself. While this suits many life-living individuals on this's not my cup of tea.


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